It was musty, but it was magical!

When I was a kid, and my mom would inform me that we were going to the video store (not even Blockbuster, mind you, but that musty, small-town video shop set up in the dining room of an old house where someone was likely murdered), I would sprint to the car, knowing that no matter what VHS tape we got an hour or so later, it was going to be a great evening.

Flash forward 30 years, and you’ll be likely to find my kids browsing the 58,753 titles available at the push of a button, complaining that there is nothing to watch and even if there was, it would take forever (i.e. 4.3 seconds) to load.

I think it’s about time to get out the VCR and take the kids to Goodwill to pick out tonight’s entertainment.

(Plus, you really haven’t lived if you’ve never had to get up halfway through your movie to put in the second cassette.)

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