Road Trip Stories – The Off-Broadway Edition

(Originally published in 2017)

I’m sure you’re tired of the Road Trip stories by now, but I have to say I feel for the kids being cooped up in the car for hours at a stretch. All of that pent-up energy has to come out in some way. 

When we finally got to the hotel last night, it was like they had worked up a community theater version of Oliver!. Kids were dancing everywhere, running artfully across counters and jumping on tables, evidently responding to music that must have been playing inside their own heads. They picked the pockets of fellow travelers and sang songs about how much they don’t mind a life of danger. Eventually, a couple of ne’er-do-wells from the local workhouse showed up to steal the kids’ fortune, but end up shot by some off-duty British police officers. It was insane. 

(Spoiler Alert: they nailed the ending, being reunited with their family and turning their back on a life of crime, enjoying a bowl of gruel, and collapsing in bed as if nothing happened. As per usual.)

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