What else am I going to do?!

My daughter recently returned from a week-long school trip. Leading up to departure, there was much discussion among her peers about whether they would be allowed to bring their phones on the bus. I’m trying to imagine a similar concern when I was her age, and I just can’t see it:

Me: “Mr. Braxton, I’d like permission to take my phone on the bus.” (holds up a green South Central Bell landline phone with a 30-foot cord that he obviously ripped off someone’s wall)

Mr. Braxton: “What in the world do you need that for?”

Me: “I’d like to take pictures, and play a few games with it.”

Mr. Braxton: “I don’t . . . .”

Me: “And what if I need to call my parents?!”

Mr. Braxton: “I’m praying for you, son.”

Thanks for reading! More to come. Hope you have a great week.

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