Great Techspecations

The following is a repost from 2019. Thought it might still be pertinent in light of today’s release of the iPhone 14.

What in the world happened to us? In 2007, Steve Jobs walked onto a stage in San Francisco, California, and introduced us to a revolutionary device known as the iPhone. It had no app store, was bad at making phone calls, and compared to today’s devices, it was clunky and could do only rudimentary tasks. But we were in love with it and couldn’t wait to be one of the lucky few to get our hands on one.

Now, we’re all like, “Have you heard about the new iPhone XIII-XL? Yeah, it has 750 gargantubytes of storage, a self-regenerating screen that can never be scratched or broken, an eight-week battery life, 18 cameras, which will allow you to take high def photos from up to 3 miles away, a breathalyzer that will detect up to 150 different diseases before they are even contracted, and a digital assistant named Barry who is actually a REAL person named Barry who will do up to 15 hours of actual chores for you every week.

“So, in other words, a huge disappointment and a waste of everyone’s time. Ugh – I’m sticking with my Galaxy Note 15 Pro Plus++.”

I . . . just don’t know.

Happy Friday! May your weekend meet all of your Techspecations.

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