Be the Paperwork

Even though it might not seem like it (see here, here, and here, for example), we love our medical professionals. Truly. They continue to save our lives.

But you have to admit there’s some truth to the following:

Medical professionals, on the phone: I’m going to need some information from you before your appointment, just going to ask you some questions.

Same medical professional on the same call: I’m going to send you a link to some paperwork, where you’ll answer the same questions you just answered, but online this time.

Same medical professional, the following day: here’s a clipboard with the same questions you answered yesterday, we’ll need this before you’re seen.

Same medical professional, in a smaller room: I’m going to ask you some questions. They may seem familiar.

Different medical professional, in yet another room: Let’s just go over a few questions. I see your answers here, but I want to hear them from you.

Different medical professional as you’re leaving: See you in a few weeks. We may call you with some questions. In the meantime, please check your email for a questionnaire.

Happy Monday. May your week contain minimal medical paperwork!

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