The Thread – A NEWsletter Reboot

You see what I did with the word newsletter? It’s new AND it’s a newsletter!

Does it make it seem more clever now that it’s been over-explained?

Who knows.

What I DO know is that I am trying a new writing experiment, of sorts, called The Thread (as explained here), and would be honored if you’d consider joining me by subscribing to the FREE newsletter. I will post at least once a week, and really want to build a community of readers.

I may explain later why I’m focusing on this new format, but largely, I’m not fully sure. I like the simplicity of the posting, and it seems like I have a little more direct access to readers who want to read what I put out. We’ll see!

You can subscribe through the post above, or directly on my page, linked below.

I look forward to continued interaction!

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