I’m just a guy with a degree in Chemistry and a spotty Wi-fi connection, writing about “stuff”. (Sound familiar?) I love God and the things He made, including my family, good words, and pie.  Good pie.

Or any pie, really.

And, I don’t like to brag, but it should be noted that I was recently voted #6 on the list of Most Influential People in My House!  #Humbled

You can catch my extraordinarily second-rate  tweets @ https://twitter.com/PhillipMullins

And I’d be thrilled if you’d consider signing up for email updates here. It’s much like what you would read here on the blog, but delivered to your inbox! With “some” exclusive material (some weeks it’s 100% exclusive, some weeks closer to 5%, depending on how much sleep I’ve gotten or what I’ve been compelled to binge-watch.)

Anyway, please sign up if that appeals to you. If it doesn’t, kindly ignore the request and don’t leave a negative comment that “no one wants your stupid email newsletter!” (I’m looking at you, Great Aunt Tilly.)

By the way, you don’t have to take my word for it!  Here’s a selection of what people have been saying about the blog:

“He’s like the Taylor Swift of posts.”
-Presumed Taylor Swift fan (?)

“You’re like a poor man’s Dave Barry.”
-Former Best Friend

“Are you really posting again? Right now?”

“I don’t read it.”
-Many People

“We suggest you like Lords of the Dark Realm fantasy role-playing game.”

“You have reached the maximum number of times you can change your blog name.  Please contact customer service.”
-Many Blogging Sites

(I’m truly humbled by the response.)

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