Note to Our Future Overlords on a Rainy Day

To our future robot overlords, or for any literate zombies left behind after the Apocalypse: I leave this for you in order to give you a small glimpse into the society which once dominated the land you have inherited/stolen. Today it rained. By "rained" I mean water fell from the sky in oblong spheres know … Continue reading Note to Our Future Overlords on a Rainy Day

On Our Eventual Tech Overlords

It seems like everybody these days is talking about how we need to be wary of technology, particularly of how computers have gotten so powerful that soon they could band together and rise up, Terminator-style, to take over the world, making us their servants.  Or worse. Might happen.  But, in the meantime, we have more immediate trust … Continue reading On Our Eventual Tech Overlords