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1// Merging – The Scientist commutes to work after the holidays, reflecting on the passage of time, the (lack of) driving skills of others, and the nature of “The Dance.”

2// Boxes – The Scientist is slightly annoyed by commercial packaging, all while dreading the tasks of the morning.  Or MOST of them.

3// Highways – Two new characters make their first appearance, in a different place, and, possibly even, a different time. A local journey stirs up a bitter pining for the past, further fueling a mission to preserve a family’s legacy.

4// Greetings – The Scientist reflects on the peculiar nature of inter-office communication.

5// Locations – The Scientist reaches out to customer service.

6// Grudges –  A Scientist from a different time wrestles with a perceived slight.

7// Concealment – The Scientist ponders the hiding of weapons

8// Survival – The Scientist’s brief surge of domestic pride is quickly brought to check

9// Niceties – The Scientist wonders at the nature of workplace interaction.

10// Derby – The Scientist deals with the most human of frustrations – event traffic.

11// HOA – An excerpt from a Newsletter from the “future.”

12// Futures – Characters from the Scientist’s past make another appearance, as their story, and his, continues.

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Author’s Note //1

The Second-Rate Scientist