Workplace Communication Tip #87

It's always good to address people by their first name in a conversation, as it makes them feel seen and builds a connection.  But it can be overdone, and cross a line if not used with care.   For instance, the following statement is an example of a positive use of a first name:  "Have a … Continue reading Workplace Communication Tip #87

The Futility of “Communication”

Me: Does anyone want any more spaghetti before I put it up? {Silence} Me: Girls? Sam? I'm putting up the spaghetti. {No response} Me: I'm going to put up the spaghetti.  No one wants any? {Crickets} Me: Ok, I'm putting up the spaghetti now. {Never has the house been so quiet} Me: Ok, last chance … Continue reading The Futility of “Communication”