Margarita Day

I don’t drink much, mainly because I have a hard enough time staying awake as it is.  But, seeing as it’s National Margarita Day, a national holiday we can all get behind, I thought I’d share our favorite recipe guaranteed to make today a little bit better.

What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite tall glass
  • Your car keys
  • Enough gas to get you someplace local which serves great margaritas (and adequate-enough chips and salsa)
  • Someone who likes you and doesn’t mind driving you home
  • (Optional) Uber
  • Cash, Credit, Debit, and/or Charm


  • Fill your favorite tall glass with water and drink it right there by the sink. Just down it.  Drink another, if you can stand it. Hydration is important, and Margaritas are not known as a good way to stay hydrated
  • Drive to your favorite margarita spot (here in Louisville, we like Chuy’s and Havana Rumba). Make it your own!
  • Order a margarita, and tell them to keep the chips coming!
  • Repeat as necessary.
  • Don’t forget to pay!
  • Thank your friend/spouse/concerned clergy member for the ride.
  • (Optional) The Uber driver might be nice, but he/she is not your best friend. Some things are better left unsaid.



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