See Something, Say Something!

For the past few years, I’ve met regularly with a group of guys at Panera for a time of encouragement and accountability. It’s a highlight of my week.

There’s another group of men that meets the same day we do, and they have for quite a while now. I was originally very encouraged when I noticed them week after week, assuming that they are in a group similar to ours. They seemed content and joyful.

But then I realized that, for all I know, these guys could be meeting not to build each other up but to plot some kind of heinous crime! Why do I assume a group of middle-aged men gathered around a table of over-priced coffee while Vampire Weekend songs play softly overhead are there for positive purposes? Now that I think of it, I half-expect to wake up one day and turn on the news to see a story about a bank robbery by a group they’re calling “The Flatbread Five” or “The Bagel Boys.”

I might need to make a call or two!

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