It MIGHT help…

On a nearly regular basis, one or the other of our kids tell us they “don’t feel well.” And without fail, they never want to hear our advice of what will make them feel better. I’m trying to imagine if I tried to pull this nonsense:

Doctor: Mr Mullins, it appears that you’ve torn the meniscus in your knee. I recommend surgery.

Me: It won’t help.

Doc: Well, you’ll have to trust me since I’ve seen at least ten thousand of these types of injuries and have performed almost as many surgeries. It’s common and simple.

Me: It won’t help!

Doc: We’ll, if you won’t have the recommended surgery, you will at least need a weekly cortisone shot.

Me: It won’t help!!

Doc: Ok. How about ibuprofen?

Me: It. Won’t. Help!

Doc: Flintstone Vitamin?

Me: Yes. But it won’t help!

Thanks for reading! Here’s to more regularly-scheduled programming/posts!

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