Health Nut Chronicles – 7

The kids and I recently visited a strip mall which contained, among other things, a vape store. I stood outside, bewildered and sad.  The windows were coated with an oily substance, an obvious byproduct of their offerings. I couldn’t believe people would willfully put that kind of garbage into their bodies, especially these days.  Haven’t studies shown the harmful effects of this kind of thing? Haven’t we come far enough in our scientific understanding to know that you must take care of your body if you want to live a long and productive life, that what you consume can damage your health irreversibly Do we care?

I stood there for a moment more, disgusted and saddened by the patent irresponsibility.


Shaking my head, I continued on my original errand, skipping into the bakery next-door and buying a dozen or so extra large, pleasantly-greasy, uber-rich, incredibly tasty orbs of magical goodness known as donuts for my family to enjoy. Because I’m a good dad and a good person.

#HealthNut #SomeDonutsHaveNuts 


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