There’s a good chance we know the killer’s name

The biblical books of Kings are rich, but can be challenging to read for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that many of the names are very similar to each other. (King Jehoiachin and King Jehoiakim, anyone?)

It’s like reading a novel with a couple who’s names are Bobbi and Bobby:

“Why don’t you ever trust me?” asked Bobby.

“Bobby, I do trust you. I love you,” replied Bobbi.

“That’s hard for me to believe based on the things that little Bobbey has said,” said Bobby flatly.

“You leave our son out of this, Bobby!” exclaimed Bobbi.

“Hey, what’s Sheriff Roberts doing here?” asked Bobbi and Bobby in unison.

“Bobby. Bobbi. Little Bobbey.” Sheriff Roberts said as he approached the front door.

“Hello Bob. What can we do for you?” asked Bobbi cautiously. Bobby looked on warily while Bobbey grabbed his mother’s leg.

“Bobbi, I’m here to ask Bobby a few questions surrounding the murder of Rob Robertson,” replied sheriff Roberts.

“Bobby, no! You promised, Bobby! Oh, Bobby!” exclaimed Bobbi. “Bobby, you promised! C’mon, Bobbey. Sheriff Roberts, if you need us we’ll be staying with my sister.”

“Ok Bobbi. Would that be your sister Bobbie?” Sheriff Bob Roberts asked.

“No, my other sister Roberta. So long Bobby. Rest In Peace, Rob. Let’s go Bobbey. Goodbye Bob.”

Happy Holiday Weekend!

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