Anti-Bluetooth Body

Sometimes, while listening to music or an audio book via Bluetooth headphones, I’ll walk away from my phone, often traveling several rooms away, or even outside, and the music or book will continue to play just as clear as if I were sitting next to it, the signal obviously carrying that distance just fine.

However, every time I’m walking around with my phone in my back pocket, my headphones struggle to keep a connection, and the sound begins to break in and out.

It’s like my headphones are reminding me, “Yeah, you know, we can handle layers of stone and glass and drywall, can handle it for yards and yards! But your body, man . . . that hunk of flesh between your butt and your head? We’re having a hard time, we’re not going to lie. Perhaps a podcast on portion control is in order?”

That’s a really encouraging development.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Bluetooth Body

  1. This is absolutely hilarious. My mind wanders … I am from Germany where they just came out with a corona app … it runs on bluetooth technology. I can see all the bigger people … “vy is dis not vorking????”
    And here you knew about all along … I will forward any worthy podcasts, my friend!

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