The “Dreams” of Children 

We enjoy watching America’s Got Talent. It always cracks me up when the judges tell a little kid that their “dreams are about to come true.”   What dreams could a 6-year-old possibly have? When I was 6, my dreams included a grotesquely-tall dalmatian that lived in my closet, and getting lost in a crowded speakeasy.

(Don’t ask, I cannot explain.)

Of course, I know they mean “dreams” in the sense of “ambition,” and I certainly want my kids to have this type of dream in their heart . . .eventually.  When I was 6, I wanted to be the first-ever professional baseball player-astronaut, someone who in his spare time owned and operated the World’s Largest Toy Store, and who, to relax, would hang out in his own wine cellar which was stocked full of nothing but chilled Dr. Pepper and puppies.

That’s how it should be, I think.  If a little kid is dreaming of becoming the next Beyoncé, then I guess I just don’t relate (unless it is generally known that Beyoncé has a puppy-filled Dr. Pepper cellar, then dream on kid, by all means!)

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